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Warm Shower


Warm Shower

Industrial Design

Product Design


Staying comfortable while saving water in the shower



I was inspired by the guilt that I feel when I shower in a cold bathroom. When the bathroom is cold I tend to use more water than I actually need to shower because I use the water to warm my body. My idea was to design a shower that would use energy-saving methods to provide thermal comfort to the user so that the amount of water used in the shower could be significantly reduced.


Skills Used

- Industrial design sketching
- Mood/Inspiration board generation



I created a mood board and an inspiration board to guide my designs. I wanted to create a shower that was simple, natural, clean, and modern.


Design Process

Next, I created various thumbnails to get my ideas out. I fleshed out a few ideas and consulted my professor to decide on a direction. I considered my professor’s feedback and revised my strongest design.

Thumbnail sketches and detailed sketches of various concepts


Final Design

I designed an in-home shower booth that is enclosed and insulated. The booth has heating elements built into the walls and a waterfall shower spout. Water heating and booth heating are controlled by on/off buttons on the exterior. Inside of the booth, an on/off button produces a low flow of water, and a boost button doubles the flow of water for 5 seconds. The Warm Shower is made from oak wood, frosted glass, and sauna stones to make the user feel free, warm, and relaxed.