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Procter & Gamble

Product Development
Design Research
Mechanical Design


Integrating a disruptive technology with sustainable outcomes into consumers’ lives.

Due to a confidentiality agreement with Procter & Gamble, I cannot disclose specific details about the project and the proposed solution.


Human-Centered Approach to Design

Our task was to design a dosing and delivery system for a new product. To do so, we took a human-centered approach. We learned as much as we could about users’ experiences and behaviors. We got our information straight from the source, and used the insights we gained to drive our design decisions.


Skills Used

- Ethnographic research
- User testing
- Low fidelity prototyping
- CAD modeling
- 3D printing
- Mechanical design



We conducted 3 rounds of research interviews with 11 consumers to identify user tensions, opportunity areas for the new technology being developed, as well as advantages and disadvantages of possible dispensing solutions.

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Design Direction

We synthesized our ethnographic research and developed a qualitative and quantitative description of the ideal product. We then brainstormed possible designs and created low fidelity prototypes to help discuss these directions with users and advisors.

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Personal Responsibilities

  • Led one quarter of the user interviews

  • Created 6 low fidelity prototypes

  • Sketched 8 design concepts

  • Designed the mechanism used in the final design

  • Used CAD to model parts of the final product


Final Design

We created an innovative product design with potential to resolve user tensions, and developed a pair of works-like and looks-like prototypes to pitch our product to Procter & Gamble. Our solution was well received by the team at Procter & Gamble, and they were very excited to receive our prototypes and research findings.