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A data-driven, crowd-sourced digital platform to help women navigate their birth control journey


The Struggle with Birth Control

People take birth control for a variety of reasons. There are often unwanted outcomes associated with different birth control methods. There is currently very limited medical ability to predict these outcomes on a person-by-person basis. We set out to find a creative way to help people avoid the trial-and-error process of using birth control despite the lack of understanding behind the connections between outcomes and user characteristics.


Skills Used

- Ethnographic Research
- Synthesis
- Strategic Planning



Users complete a 5-minute questionnaire to provide information about their demographics, birth control history, sexual activity, health conditions, lifestyle, and preferences. This helps inform their matches, while also contributing to Hera’s data set.

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At a glance, users can compare the top three matches based on their quiz responses in terms of the factors most important to them. Each method’s detail page contains stories and statistics catered to the user’s demographics, health, and preferences. Users can dive deeper into medical information, community stories, and data.

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Push notifications prompt the logging of symptoms and side effects at user-specified intervals: daily, weekly, or any other duration. This helps users track their own journey while contributing their experience to the Hera community’s data set to find patterns and trends.


Hera gives users the option to contribute their anonymized data to help others with their choices and identify problems and trends with birth control methods.

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Whitespace Innovation Challenge 2019


This project began in a design research course taught by IDEO designers at Northwestern University. We started with some knowledge about the hardships that people face during the process of selecting and using birth control. We finished the assignment and presented our research findings, but we felt so strongly about the need for a solution that we decided to continue the project outside of class. We entered the Whitespace Innovation Challenge and continued our research so as to present a thoughtfully crafted concept for a solution. Our work earned us the 3rd place prize of $500.