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About me

I am a caregiver, designer, and engineer. I am currently a master’s student in Engineering Design Innovation at Northwestern University graduating in December 2019.


I am a deeply empathetic person. I notice when people are mistreated by the people they interact with, by the products they trust, by the services in which they invest their time and money. Whether in a social setting or in a design setting, if I notice or foresee a negative experience for someone, I think hard about what can be done to prevent or alleviate their discomfort and I take action.


I want to design products with which people interact, so my approach is intentionally human-centered. I want to make sure that the products I design address a need that people have better than their current options. Therefore, my process involves directly learning from users, both before and during ideation, to make sure that the product I deliver is desirable.


My interest in science and technology led me to earn a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I have a solid grasp of mechanics, mechatronics, and mechanical design. I have experience using many digital and physical tools to design and test mechanical systems for functionality, and ease of assembly and manufacturing.